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Eeyou Istchee Baie-James region
One of the last virgin territories of the world...

In a huge almost virgin territory that extends between the 49th and 55th parallels, and almost a fifth of Quebec live only 31 000 people. In nine communities along the coast of Bay James as well as the interior, the few 16,000 Cree living in the territory for thousands of years the call Istchee (Land of the People). Four municipalities and three Jamesian communities also dot the area, whose economy is largely based on the use of natural resources. Travellers can explore the region by obtaining information from two distinct tourist associations (Escape Like Never Before).


Covered with countless rivers and lakes, the region is one of the last virgin territories of the world. It is the largest natural lake in Quebec (2335 km²) Lake Mistassini

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In northern Quebec, open spaces are kings! 
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