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In the spring the Matagami lake releases from its ice. The sun warms the earth. The animals come out of hibernation. It is also the sugar season, birch sap begin to flow, to the delight of Quebeckers.

IN may - Site opening for the summer season

Enjoy the still cool weather,  to warm up in the Nordic Bath from your balcony! Unique experience guaranteed !

Bain en cèdre

Goûtez aux bienfaits de la sève de bouleau fraîche ! Et faites-en une cure lors de votre séjour !

The May 26th 2017 it's the opening season for fishing! Come at the Matagami Lake! For more details, go to the ministery website.


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Come overcome your fears of nature and arouse the nourishing sources of Mother Nature. An unforgettable experience awaits you.

Discover this rich knowledge millennium with the Primitives.

From may 15th to june 30th, it's the opening season for black bear hunting

In june

In early June, come all and participate to morels picking!

End of June, beginning of July, it's the activity with insects.

Discover the biggest butterfly in Quebec, the luna moth (Actias luna). Learn about hunting moths.

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Enjoy the beautiful season for walks in this green nature.

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Enjoy the summer season to discover the nature, the land and the people here.
Program: boating, canoeing and kayaking, relaxing on the beach ...

In nature, the summer, there is no way to get bored.

In july

For mushroom lovers, it's time to pick up the pholiote.

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You can take a boat ride on the beautiful Matagami lake.

Did you know?

Quebec can sometimes reach scorching temperatures to 30-35 ° C!

In august

This is also the time to harvest berries such as strawberries, raspberries, wild cherries and blueberries.​​

Partir à l'aventure

Discover all the possible activities to do with a local guide!

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Autumn is the perfect season to awaken your senses and enjoy the last moments of good weather before the cold arrived. This is the shortest season in Quebec. ​It is also the perfect time to pick the products that the earth offers us and make the provisions for the winter.

In september

In the pine forests of northern Quebec, come and pick Matsutake, from August to October.

In october

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This is the perfect time to go walking in the forest and enjoy the warm color of its foliage.
Fall experience guaranteed!


Winter is the season that lasts the longest here. From November, the first snowflakes make their appearances and numerous winter sports activities are practiced.
As our ancestors practiced, the ice fishing is an experience not to be missed.
January and February are the coldest months in Quebec, you will be well dressed.

From november to march

The region is under the snow; it's time to enjoy winter in the forest.

In april

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Beginning of April to mid-April

Last chance to enjoy the snow for snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling.

Mid-April/End of April

Nature awakens, it's the end of winter, the snow melts gradually.
The days are getting longer and the sun is hot.

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